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James Jeffrey


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James was born in London in 1979. He spent nine years in the British Army, including—inexplicably—commanding a tank, before attending journalism school in Austin, Texas. Since 2012 he has freelanced in America and the Horn of Africa. He has written about business, political unrest, humanitarian crises, coffee, fashion, film, rap, religion, chewing khat, running with hyenas, and much more. His work has appeared with the Irish Times, BBC, Guardian, Al Jazeera, Foreign Affairs, CNN, Deutsche Welle, South China Morning Post magazine, Catholic Herald magazine and Humanist magazine, amoung others. He focuses on writing features, taking his own pictures (though he is most happy to work with professional superior photographers). He also does radio, including the BBC's From Our Own Correspondent. On a less mercantile basis, about once a year he tries a bit of poetry. A failed linguist, he can be found flicking through phrasebooks to wreak confusion by speaking pidgin Amharic, Somali, Tigrinya, Arabic and French in a strong British accent, which also causes confusion in America. He writes in an effort to try get a handle on what it is all about. For now the answer remains elusive. 

CV available upon request.